Fall Forward

Hello! This is Ella the Intern, and I am excited to fill y’all in on my week at Completely Kentucky. 

Although the weather in Frankfort has been lovely and warm this week, fall is approaching us! On Monday, Elle Travis and I decided to wave goodbye to the spring flower display and welcome in our most eye-catching fall merchandise to the front window. I loved shopping for all of my autumn needs, such as a fashionable scarf, a decorative basket, and yummy soup-mix. Everything was wonderful until I realized that my merchandise needed to go on the display case and not home with me! I quickly became excited about the season approaching. I invite you to take a trip down to the store and check out the display. You might just find yourself wanting a new mug for some hot apple cider, too!

On Thursday, we received a huge order from Weisenberger, a mill that makes grits and other yummy mixes. Ann, our store owner, taught me how to check in the new items. I reviewed the invoice to ensure that we received the entire order, and I stored away the 15 boxes of grits and mixes. You may be wondering where in our store we would possibly have room for 15 boxes of new merchandise. I was wondering the same thing as the vendor efficiently brought them in on a dolly. If you’ve ever read Harry Potter, you are familiar with the staircase Harry sleeps under. At Completely Kentucky, we use every nook and cranny, and we keep our Weisenberger merchandise under the staircase! I am a fan of the book series, so this enriched my experience while restocking the grits.

This weekend Ann and Elle will be attending two different arts festivals, and I helped them prepare for what seems like an exciting and hectic outing! I researched about 50 different artists that our store is interested in, and I found their websites, contact information, and wrote a description of the art. I then plugged all of this information into a spreadsheet that Ann and Elle can use tomorrow when they are running from booth to booth. I am heading up to Louisville this weekend to visit some friends, and I plan to stop by the Big Four Waterfront Arts festival! Attending an arts festival is something I probably wouldn’t have done before my time at Completely Kentucky. I am loving the new opportunities and knowledge my internship is bringing! 

Have a great weekend!

Ella the Intern