All Hands on Deck

It is a beautiful Friday in downtown Frankfort, and I’m happy to be wrapping up my third week as the Intern at Completely Kentucky! This week, I spent most of my time doing hands-on work… the spreadsheets and I took a break!

Within my time behind the counter, I am beginning to further understand the genuine value of everything we sell at the store. My co-worker, Katherine, has been coordinating with a baker for several months to purchase an order from Grateful Grahams, a cookie company that advocates for sharing gratitude. After emails, phone calls, and shipments, the cookies finally arrived today. Before these items could even be placed on a shelf, an invoice was filled out, prices were determined, an inventory number was created, and Completely Kentucky stickers were placed on every bag. The process of receiving a new item and putting it on the floor at Completely Kentucky is significantly different than that of a large-scale business. This is what adds value to our items. We are relational, not simply transactional, and an item’s trip to the shelf is made possible by the intricate details and passionate employees that come before it.

The lovely baker included some bags for us to taste; I am VERY grateful for this. I tried the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, I can confidently say that they are excellent. Speaking of sampling, I did indeed try a jar of Ale-8 salsa this week. This was my first experience with caffeinated salsa (Ale-8 soda is an ingredient), and I loved it. This is the sweet salsa I’ve always been looking for, and I encourage you to check out some of our other unique, Kentucky-made foods! 

If you don’t already know, Completely Kentucky is famous for their beautiful gift-wrapping, and I was given a proper orientation on the process today. My sweet friend Hailey turned 17 this week, and I wrapped the present pictured. Let me know what you think about my wrapping skills, and I hope y’all enjoy the Holiday weekend!

Ella the Intern

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