Hello! It’s Ella the Intern, and I’m happy to say that I am back down at the store after my fall break! When I returned, I was thrown right back into the swing of things, and I’ve found myself learning a completely new skill this week.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been working on white washing seven pieces of display furniture in the store - shelves, spoon holders, side tables, and more! I’ve left every day with white paint stain all over my hands… but I am excited to see how my work can make our great products pop! 

One of my favorite pieces I finished was a simple little slab of wood from our glass display. The piece really gives a beach feel for the intricate and eccentric starfish that rest on it. Come check it out for yourself

This Sunday closes our spooky season, so if you need to send a last minute message, we have some super festive postcards at the front of the store. They’re made my an artist from Waddy Kentucky whose specialty is one-of-a-kind gourds, but she makes the coolest fabric cards as well.

On Halloween, come by Completely Kentucky and say hi! I’ll be in full costume until we close, and am trick-or-treating for an event called We Scare Hunger when I am finished. Every Halloween, our Y-Club trick-or-treats for non-perishable goods, and this year we will be donating our items to the Women’s Shelter. If you live in the downtown area, don’t be alarmed if you see high schoolers out… they might just be scaring off hunger! Save some items for us if you are able. 

Happy Halloween Weekend,

Ella the Intern