Happy Derby Day!

Heading down to Derby Breakfast in Frankfort today? Stop by and meet two of our newest and most fascinating entrepreneurs from Eastern Kentucky - Robin and Andrew Mason. 

Employing Appalachian families, sourcing materials from reclaimed Eastern Kentucky biomass, and creating an all natural product is the mission of their company, Tree of the Field. This worldwide business manufactures skeeter logs and chiminea kits, which are both highly effective and aesthetically pleasing mosquito repellants. 

Her kits come with a chiminea and skeeter logs, which are a perfect addition to your back yard set up this spring & summer. While you sit back and enjoy company around the fire, the skeeter log will not only repel mosquitos but actually decrease the mosquito population in your yard. Robin shared that mosquitos only ever migrate a few yards from their birth place throughout their lifetime - the bugs that bite you actually consider themselves permanent residents of your yard! But, in the presence of the burning logs, these critters can't access a "blood beast" and lose their flying capabilities. If you have "porchies" planned for anytime soon, Andrew says the beginning of the summer is the optimal time to begin using the kit. 

"You have to do well to do good," Robin told me as she shared the importance of putting Appalachian products "on the map." I surely am inspired by this company, and I know you will be too. Come see it for yourself today! 

Happy Derby Day, 

Ella the Extern