We Stand with Ukraine

Working at Completely Kentucky has challenged me to think about the communities across the bluegrass state, but also our global communities. We’ve shipped to every continent but Antarctica, sharing our love for Kentucky crafts with the world. It’s Ella the Extern, and today I walked into work and noticed the blue and yellow display case. With ignorance, I asked @ChristyMobley, “I love the front window display, but why the yellow and gold color scheme?” She told me it was in support of Ukraine. It’s easy to become caught up in college admissions, tennis practice, and the lives of my family & friends, but it’s no excuse. Something I truly love about Completely Kentucky is that we not only use our platform as a local business to uplift Kentuckians, but during this time, Ukrainians.

I am headed to the Kentucky United Nations Assembly Conference this weekend, which is a mock legislative conference where youth discuss global issues, and specifically the policies the United Nations Assembly could recommend to other nations. I will be serving as an Italian ambassador this weekend, so today, I’ve decided to wear a blue and yellow ribbon during my time at the conference. 

As someone who is soon headed off to college to study Economics and Public Policy, and hopes to explore a career Corporate Social Responsibility, I soak in every lesson I learn while at Completely Kentucky. Today’s lesson is that businesses should show compassion for global communities in whatever means possible! Here at Completely Kentucky, #WeStandWithUkraine


Ella the Extern