Urgent News!

*NEW ART ALERT* Drop what you’re doing! This is extremely urgent! We have tons of new art at Completely Kentucky! I hope you can sense my excitement through your screen. It’s Ella the Extern here to share my favorite new items of the week.

First, let’s talk jewelry. Now, I might be biased, but the SEC and NCAA basketball tournaments are approaching, and there is nothing like a good set of Wildcat blue earrings. And, hey, if you aren’t a basketball gal, we have a plethora of new spring jewelry as well. 

Now, I’m channeling my inner child for this one. Last Sunday, about thirty new dolls arrived at the store. Yes… thirty. We have ballerinas, mushrooms, floral dolls, bears, ninjas, mermaids, and even mermaid cats! I mean what else could you want in life. 

If you want to take life a little bit more seriously, we also have new intricate wooden kitchen-kitchen-ware from Berea. I’m telling you, before I started working here, I had no idea that there was a utensil for literally anything in the kitchen. Need to fluff some oats? Grab a spurdle. Want to taste your awesome pasta sauce without interrupting your stirring, try the French tasting spoon. For the mater chef’s out there, we’ve got the perfect utensil for any (and I mean any) of your cooking needs!

And finally, we priced and put out glass galore. I’m not fancy enough for my own glass pen holder (yet), but I absolutely love looking through the sunny window at our new wavy hanging glass. I’m not complaining because the weather has been wonderful recently, but these pieces are the perfect reminder of a sunny beach day

Behind each of these pieces is a Kentucky artist or craftsperson, and that’s the best part about new work. The weather is perfect, so feel free to take a stroll around downtown Frankfort and stop in at the store! 

We hope to see you soon,

Ella the Extern