Women's Shoe Size 32


Sunday may technically be the day of rest,but we sure have been busy down at thestore today! I was welcomed by the Josephine Sculpture Park crew this morning to the sight of a Bobcat fork lift installing the largest foot I’ve ever seen. Kenny Bates helped me with the measurements, and we can confirm it is a size women’s 32. Completely Kentucky is ecstatic about the new sculpture, and we hope you’ll come check it out this week! 
With Valentine’s Day approaching, we have filled our front window display with everything red, pink, and purple in our store. If you have a special someone in your life, there is a unique and handcrafted item here for them! We’ve got everything from glass blown flower vases to Lovebug Yardbirds made from mechanical scraps. And yes… we have all the Blue Mondays, bourbon balls, and modjeskas you and your loved ones can eat. 

Here are the store, we are in love with our Kentucky art! Come shop and spread the love to our local artisans. 

Ella the Extern