Social Responsibility

Happy Sunday! It’s Ella here, and today I am excited to share a topic I am extremely passionate about - social responsibility. I chose Completely Kentucky because I knew it would give me a super unique perspective on the interworkings of a sustainable business.

We also LOVE to re-use! Everything that we ship is packaged in a recycled box - and there are hundreds of cardboard boxes in our box room upstairs that have been donated or shipped to us over the years! When I first started here, I could hardly believe the height of the piles of recycled cardboard. (See the attached image for an exclusive look at this hidden room). We reuse anything from incorrectly addressed envelopes to ripped gift bags as well!


Yes, cardboard is really cool, but the COOLEST sustainable practice we have implemented is our solar energy system. There are 40 solar panels on our roof, powering our entire store! At any time of day, you can check out our solar panel system on the upper landing of the stairs to see how much energy we are generating. Currently on this sunny day, we are producing a 388.3 volts!

Here at the store we pride ourselves on minimizing our footprint on the environment, and maximizing our impact on the Frankfort community. Come visit us soon and check out our sustainability practices for yourself! You might just find some unique art while you’re at it ;) 

Ella the Extern