Sunday Funday

Hello! It’s Ella the Extern here! Sundays are my favorite day at Completely Kentucky, and I want to share with you, our lovely customers, why I’ve come to love my 1-5 pm shift.  And no, it’s not just because I work with Christy Mobley French, and she doesn’t notice when I change the Pandora station. 

First of all, as a Frankfort native, I encounter mostly out-of-towners on Sundays. Whether it's tourists who have spent the weekend touring Buffalo Trace Distillery or a family visiting grandparents, I am always excited to know that the rest of the world loves Frankfort just as much as we do at Completely Kentucky. I even talked to a couple from Arkansas today. 

Secondly, Sundays are designated for polishing jewelry. When I first got the job here, I had no idea the wide range of life skills I would acquire. For a young woman who loves her silver jewelry, I’m glad I spend my Sunday’s perfecting this skill.

And finally, I like to spend Sundays working on the cool projects Ann Wingrove assigns to me. This week, I could hardly believe her when she asked me to remove all of the wooden contact paper from 5 tables upstairs in our Old Capitol Meeting Room. Armed with a steamer and headphones to streamline my NPR podcasts, I’ve been tackling this exciting project. I’ll give you a hint… Frankfort history meets refurbishing old furniture. 

I am also adding a new segment to my weekly blog - the artwork of the week. On Wednesday, we enjoyed receiving a new order of silverware jewelry! This artist makes rings, necklaces, and earrings - each displaying a unique and intricate pattern. I love wearing my very own pair of spoon earrings. 

Stay tuned to see the final product of the renovation upstairs! We’d love to see you on a Sunday soon - especially on the Sunday before Valentine’s day. Don’t forget, the music is the best on Sundays. Have a great week! #sundayfunday

Ella the Extern