Ella the Intern

Hello! My name is Ella, and I am the new intern at Completely Kentucky. I am a senior at Frankfort High School and am down at the store most afternoons! I am passionate about socially responsible business, so the store is a wonderful place for me to learn and grow over the next few months.

Growing up in downtown Frankfort, it’s interesting to sit behind the counter of a store I’ve browsed in for small gifts and treats since I was 5. I learned that the codes on the items actually indicate the Kentucky region in which the art piece was created, and that most customers aren’t Frankfort natives. I even met a man this week from Southern California who told me he was approaching 4,000 sky diving trips... and that was only Tuesday. On Wednesday I met a vendor who brought in the most beautiful and intricate scarves designed with leaves and brightly colored dyes. This accessory is perfect for fall, and can be found at the front of the store if you make a trip down.

My Thursday hours brought basket building, which is something I apparently need to master before the Christmas season (rumor has it that the baskets are a hit), and I helped to restock on Friday. I learned that Ale-8 makes more than soda; they make salsa! I plan on trying it at some point, maybe on a day where the smell of coffee doesn’t taunt me from next door! 

However, as a business nerd, I found analyzing the spreadsheets to be the highlight of my week. The owner, Ann Wingrove, and I, debated the trends of sales during Candlelight and compared quarterly sales of items such as pottery, woodwork, and jewelry. For those who aren’t so interested in the excel documents, your creative side will definitely find something at Completely Kentucky. Next week, I am looking forward to the conversations with Frankfort visitors, the arrival of new art, and (maybe if I am lucky) getting to look at another spreadsheet!