Crazy Creatures

Happy Friday! I love Fridays for two reasons. One, I get to celebrate Orange and Blue day (Go Panthers). Two, I get to update each of you on the fascinating life of a Completely Kentucky intern! As the second quarter of 2021 comes to a close, Ann Wingrove tasked me with entering data into the gigantic (12 year) cost analysis spreadsheet. I told y’all it was fascinating! But, all jokes aside, I deeply enjoy exploring the “behind the scenes” of the store. 

If you are brave enough to trek up the staircase, you will find a lovely display of yardbirds. These pieces of art were one of Completely Kentucky’s first artists, and are the funniest animals made with recycled metal auto and machine parts. There is even a bad dog lying on his back drinking a mini bottle of bourbon. On Thursday, I dusted and cleaned the entire shelf, and learned how to make a display. Store manager Elle Travis told me, “We waited until you’d been here a while before we made you do the dirty work!” I think I’ll stay around.... Anyway, go check these crazy creatures out; they would look great in your back yard! 

Stay tuned for next week, when I not only review the Ale-8 salsa, but fill in the remaining quarter two data! 

Signing off, Ella the Intern