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Gourmet Caffe Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar

Kentucky's blend of coffee and chocolate

Gourmet Caffe Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar

Small batch bean to bar! Chocolate from the finest cacao, that is always ethically and sustainably sourced. The cocoa beans are roasted in small batches allowing the most flavor while the cocoa nibs are stone ground for 2-3 hours creating a smooth consistency expected of the highest quality chocolate.

Our coffee bean infused vegan milk chocolate is a must try! You'll get tastes of dark roasted coffee from Papa New Guinea blended in a gourmet Belizean milk chocolate. It's a smooth but sweet taste you will miss once it's gone!

100% vegan / Non-dairy / Non-GMO

43% Cacao. Made in Louisville, KY.

1.8 oz

2.5 x 5 x .5

Price: $7.50