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Ale-8 lamp

Ale-8-One! Kentucky's amazing soft drink

Ale-8 lovers can enjoy this handcrafted lamp made with an Ale-8 bottle with a live edge walnut base. Lit with an LED, its energy efficient and won't overheat.

A-Late-One, or more commonly called Ale-8, is a traditional Kentucky soft drink. For almost one hundred years, people have enjoyed this ginger and citrus drink. Each batch is handcrafted by Feilding Rogers, the 4th generation to run the company.

If you're turning on green lights to show compassion for the families of those lost to covid-19, this lamp is perfect for a window or covered porch.

Hancrafted in Lexingon, Kentucky

size: 8" x 10" x 8"

Price: $38.00