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Meet Meredith!

Ann and Meredith - then &  now

Meet Meredith!

Hello everyone, my name is Meredith Thomas and I have returned to the bluegrass state. Being from a little city called Falls Church (close to the D.C. area), Frankfort has always been my home away from home.

Many moons ago, as a 7-year-old, I took my first solo flight to visit my favorite Aunt Ann, AKA Watson (our nickname for each other). Every summer I had the opportunity to work at her store (I use the word “work” lightly as I was more like a little helper). Completely Kentucky was a store to explore - full of furniture, jewelry, paintings, pottery, glassware, knick knacks - a unique array of amazing things made exclusively by artists in Kentucky. A store that made a child's eyes go wide in curiosity & excitement!

My main role was to help as much as I could with chores such as sweeping the front sidewalk, depositing money at the bank, & running over to the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe to get orders (and if i was a good girl I’d get a chocolate chunk doing a cookie dance...yes, a dance!). I grew my confidence through this store, so much that I sold my first item all by myself without bothering either of the store employees, Rene or Barbara. I vividly remember the transaction - I stood at the counter, barely able to see over, and sold a KY-State quarter necklace to a woman with a Jackie Kennedy like demeanor. One summer, my aunt surprised me and named me Employee of the Month. I even received a trophy which I still have in my bedroom to this day!

I spent 8 summers working at this amazing store, but as I grew older it became increasingly hard to make the trip here each season. I had to hunker down and focus on my studies, graduating high school, and more recently graduating college with a degree in Fine Art. Once I completed school, I encountered the age old question of, “What to do next?” Ann suggested an internship at the store, and other places around Frankfort - which is precisely what I did! I packed my belongings (leaving my beloved cat in the care of my family) and left the D.C. area to come back to my Old Kentucky Home.

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