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Furniture - handcrafted from Kentucky native woods

Kentucky has so many talented craftspeople and Completely Kentucky carries the work of over 600 of them. We are constantly adding work to the site, so please contact us if you don't see what you are looking for.

  • small batch bourbon stool made in Kentucky

    The very finest bourbon is called small batch or single batch bourbon. One of Kentucky's most talented blacksmiths has created a line called Small Batch Bourbon Furniture. All the pieces in this series are made from reclaimed bourbon staves.

    The newest addition is the Small Batch Bourbon Stool. With beautifully aged white oak bourbon staves and a frame made from hand forged steel, you will not find a more unique and comfortable stool. Replaceable glides attached to the feet will protect the floor. Made in Lawrenceburg, KY.

    Measures 17" x 17" x 41.75" and CAN be shipped via UPS.

    Price: $1,105.00
  • Large full sied rocker made in Kentucky

    The artist that created this rocking chair carved the "mule ears" for each arm. When sitting in the chair, your fingers naturally fit into the spaces between the "ears." The handwoven seat is made from strips of native hickery, the strongest seat material. The artist guarentees the seat to last a lifetime.

    He said hickory is what the settlers in the Appalachian Mountains used when they first moved in through the Cumberland Gap, and it proved to be the best material for seats.

    Made in Pine Knot, Kentucky

    size: 22" x 27" x 51"

    Price: $1,100.00
  • sturdy walnut table made in Kentucky

    When an old black walnut tree fell on his farm, the woodworker knew he wanted to give this tree new life as beautiful pieces of furniture. The signature piece is this table, made from two large slabs of walnut. Sanded and finished with a light coat of varnish, the true beauty of the wood shines through. The base is made from pieces of the same tree and finished in a sturdy primative style.

    Made in Franklin County, Kentucky

    size: 60" x 32" x 40"

    Price: $1,000.00
  • small batch bar table - perfect for bourbon or lemonade

    The very finest bourbon is called small batch or single batch bourbon. One of Kentucky's most talented blacksmiths has created a line called Small Batch Bourbon Furniture. All the pieces in this series are made from reclaimed bourbon staves.

    Sip some of Kentucky's finest bourbon at this amazing table. Made from bourbon barrel staves and lids by a local blacksmith, this table has many unique details. The metal was hand forged and fastened with aesthetics as well as function in mind.

    Measures 22" x 22" x 42.5" This can be shipped via UPS in the continental US.

    Price: $990.00
  • Hand carved settee (shown in cherry) made in Kentucky

    A perfect seat for two on this beautiful solid walnut settee handmade in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

    Native Kentucky black walnut is shaved by hand using drawknives and spokeshaves. The back is steamed to shape befor the settee is put together. The artist always adds his signature "mule ears" to the end of each arm, making for a very comfortable experience. The settee seat is from a solid piece of Black Walnut edged with the natural bark. A remarkable piece of work that will last for generations.

    Walnut settee measures: 38" x 52" x 24"

    We're sorry, but this item is not shippable.

    (photo shown is of cherry settee with finished edge)

    Price: $858.00
  • beautiful stratograph

    This original monoprint was created by Anna Marie Pavlik of Kentucky's state tree, the Kentucky Coffeetree. The Coffeetree was named for the long seed pods that drop in the spring. Native Americans and the early settlers used the seeds in the pods to make coffee, hence the name.

    Made in Frankfort, Kentucky

    size: 44" x 33 "x 2"

    Price: $800.00
  • harmony bench made by Berea College Crafts in Kentucky

    This new design created by Berea College Crafts combines the best features of function and form. Not exactly traditional or contemporary, it is sure to look just right in every home. Sturdy enough to serve as a bench or a coffee table, this design will soon be a Berea Classic!

    made in Berea, KY

    size: 18" high x 16" wide x 36" long. For indoor use only.

    *There will be a $10 oversize carton fee when checking out, if shipping this item.

    Price: $350.00
  • solid cherry side table made in Kentucky

    This lovely cherry table was turned on a lathe by one of Kentucky's most talented furniture makers. Using a style developed by the Shaker community of Kentucky, this table has a hand rubbed fiinish, just like the Shakers used.

    Made in Walton, Kentucky

    size: 18" b 18" x 25"

    Price: $270.00
  • bourbon stave checker table

    Bourbon and checkers unite! This handcrafted table features bourbon stave legs and a checkerboard barrel top, perfect for porch-sitting family gatherings. Don't miss this unique addition to your family traditions. Hand-cut twig checker pieces are included.

    Height: 2 feet
    Diameter of barrel top: 21 inches

    Made in Lancaster, KY.

    Price: $225.00
  • Lovely cherry stool made in Kentucky

    This lovely stool is made of native Kentucky black cherry which will age beautifully. The woodworker has woven the seat from local hickory. He guarentees the seat will last 100 years! This is a traditional technique the the settlers in the Appalachian Mountains to ensure their chairs and stool seats would not break.

    Made in Pine Knot, Kentucky

    size: 16' x 12" x 18"

    Price: $186.00
  • harmony stool made by Berea College Crafts in Kentucky

    The perfect companion to the harmony bench, this stool provides a wonderful compliment to any d├ęcor. Maple seat with walnut legs, or walnut seat with maple legs.
    Made in Berea, KY.

    Available in two sizes.

    Large stool measures 16"x14"x16" tall ($150)

    Small stool measures 16"x14"x12" tall ($130)

    Price: $150.00
  • magazine rack by Berea College Crafts

    Newly re-designed by student Ashley Elder to compliment the Berea Basket and other related items, this handcrafted, cherry piece is perfect for your periodicals and other reading materials.

    Made in Berea, KY

    size: 16" long x 10" deep x 11" high

    Price: $150.00